Tuesday, September 9

Grunge Chic

Grunge Chic. It's the style I've recently grown into - kind of a Rachel Bilson meets Vanessa Hudgens meets Lauren Conrad style. Kind of a lot to handle, but it works for me. I had been lost stylistically for quite some time, mostly because I felt extremely out of place at school in anything other than jeans and a sweatshirt. Summer, however, has provided me an amazing opportunity to break out of my jeans and sweatshirt shell and start exploring other nifty clothing articles such as shorts, miniskirts, and tights. I guess I've taken full advantage of the opportunity because I'm now wearing things I never would have considered just a few months ago. My newfound style is also gràce à Rhea and Shelby's efforts to nurture my love for thrifting.

Speaking of the two, I met up with the girls to explore the Thomas Pink private sale event held by Billion Dollar Babes. The event boasted 20% off of everything, a Benefit makeup counter, and free champagne. We all got our makeup done by the Benefit employees, who were all too kind. I guess the girls and I passed for 21 because the man in charge of drinks repeatedly offered to top off our glasses of champagne. Rhea left early, but Shelby and I went on to Limetree, which could quite possibly be my favorite restaurant of all time. We shared a Roti, Corn Fritters, curry noodles, and shrimp noodles. Ahh, Limetree heaven.

So anyone who knows me knows that I'm a fairly organized person, and though my room isn't always immaculately clean, it's never really en desordre.

Maybe this is why I feel like a stranger in my own room. For the first time ever, I'm actually starting to lose things in...well, my things.

I should go upload pictures from my Hawaii trip to facebook. I hate uploading pictures, and hate tagging people even more. It's such a long and tedious process.

p.s. I just spent almost $400 on 4 textbooks for the fall quarter. expensive much!
p.p.s. Dictionary.com word of the day is "regale," which means to entertain with something delightful. It reminds me of the French word "rigoler," which means to laugh. :)

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