Tuesday, September 30

Big Blue Bus

I'm not sure why I didn't post this when I finished it, but here's the post that should have been posted Tuesday:

I did my first load of college laundry yesterday. While my clothing was in the dryer, I went to Westwood with Greg to get my Chemistry course reader. We also took a short break at Red Mango for some green tea flavored frozen yogurt with mochi on top. Yum!

Today I saw LA by bus as a homework assignment for my cluster class. I took the Big Blue Bus line 2 towards Santa Monica. It turned out to be a real test of my self esteem as I was sitting by the window not only taking notes furiously, but taking pictures as well. I got a few interesting stares, as well as an offer from an older gentleman to take me sightseeing around LA. Creepiness aside, he made me realize how incredibly touristy I must have looked with my bus map and camera.

I also went to Urban Outfitters for an interview, but discovered that they're looking for seasonal employees and can't hire those leaving LA for the holidays. They told me to contact them again in January, when I'll be staying for the rest of the school year. I guess that's fair. On the plus side, I found a couple of fellow UCLA students to socialize with.

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