Sunday, September 28


Last Friday was Resfest in the John Wooden Center. It was a huge festival of games, sports, and free stuff. I waited in a seemingly endless line for my first Henna tattoo. It was worth the wait because I'm really happy with the way it came out. :D

Yesterday, I got up early to get to the football game on time. The rooter bus I was on got lost and had to snake down steep residential streets. At an especially sharp turn, the engine stalled, broke down, and refused to start again. We then had to walk the 2-3 miles in the midday heat to get to the Rose Bowl. We cheered the Bruins on for the entire 4 hours of the game under 90 degree heat without shade or breaks. I felt myself sweat through my shirt and shorts - it was that hot. The worst thing is, that after all we went through that day, we still lost to Fresno State.

My only consolation is that I met Cute Boy in tunnel while I was trying to escape the heat. We had a friendly exchange, and he gave me his room number so I could "look him up." This makes me super excited!

So that was my first-ever football game. It wasn't a total loss. At least our marching band totally showed up theirs. And at least it makes for an interesting story.

That night, a group of girls and I went to a dance party hosted Sproul Hall, one of UCLA's newly-renovated dorms. We saw Huberman there, and he offered to take us to a Frat party. We weren't really tired, so we followed him to Frat row and into the backyard of some Frat mansion party. I chugged (with Hilary) my first Irish Car Bomb, danced, and watched the guys indulge in some beer pong. We also hung out with an adorable kitty named Misty, who Karrie wanted to take home and hide in the dorm.

So there you have it. My first football game and my first Frat party...all wrapped into one very interesting Saturday.

This doesn't really relate to the post, but I just had to put up the apple. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the color is so pure - so amazingly green!

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yellow said...

Hi love, glad things are coming along nicely. Today I wore the MJ necklace. I miss you and Kray Kray like crayyyy-zzzeee. For serious. What up dawg. I mean bruin. <3