Monday, September 8


I've never been good with naming things. I tend to assign names spontaneously and end up regretting it later. I spent a good amount of time naming this blog, though. I went through many possibilities - cosmopolite, social butterfly, flutterby - before finally settling on this one. I even consulted Shelbily and Alex via AIM. They were most helpful.

Mélanges, in French, means "mixes." I think that's a suitable name as this blog will probably be a random mix of stuff. The word also combines "Mel," my only real nickname, with "anges," French for "angels."

And now on to the post... Today was a pretty extraordinary day. I got up late, as usual, and met up with Rhea and Shelby to shop Jeremy's fall sale. They brought a wonderful surprise for me - Richel, the littlest Kumar, who I've been getting to know via blogspot ever since Rhea sent me the link. So after spending a good two hours in Jeremy's, we left with our new goodies, as well as Michelle and Dennis, in tow. Michelle drove us to Valencia, where we thrifted and ate at Ti Couz. I came home early to go out to dinner with my family. I feel extremely guilty every time my mom points out that I'm never home anymore. I guess I'm just starting to miss everything about being at home because I leave for college in 10 days.

I'm playing around on my new laptop, which I've named Lappie, after Spenser's laptop. A couple of months ago, Spenser spent quite a few hours online helping me choose a new laptop. In the end, we decided the Sony CR was right for me, but my dad wanted to wait for a better laptop to come out. Last week, though, I guess Sony had a promotion because my dad bought the Sony CR in Fire Red that I had been eyeing, as well as a bluetooth mouse. They are gorgeous.

I should really be asleep, but my internal clock is way off. I just got back from Hawaii last night, so my body thinks it's only 11PM. Oh gosh, my alarm clock is set to wake me up in about seven hours.

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Anonymous said...

A very busy first day back from Hawa'ii it seems.

Lappie sounds absolutely dreamy, by the way.