Saturday, September 13

Shopping with Parents

I went to to bed at 4AM last night...this morning. My dad, having gone to bed early himself, woke me up at 9AM. He took me to Costco, where me spent a good amount of time and money. Among our purchases were Microsoft Office Home and Student for my Lappie, a synthetic down alternative pillow (I love supersoft pillows!) for the dorm, and pistachio nut chips (We thought we'd try something new). Though I was delirious due to lack of sleep when we got back, my mom encouraged me to go out with her to drop off my brother at Tae Kwon Do because I had never seen him in class before. I'm glad I allowed myself to be dragged out again because it turns out that Jasmine, my old friend from French class, actually teaches that Tae Kwon Do class. What a small world!

While my brother was in class, my mom and I shopped around in Stonestown. Some exciting news - I finally bought a blush! I had been looking for one that: is peachy in color, is semi-sheer, is made of mineral or organic compounds (and therefore is earth-friendly), and contains no glitter. I know, I'm picky. I found the perfect one at Bare Essentials for just $18.

This is Bare Essentials blush in "laughter."

So today I expected to sleep in, eat a late lunch, and spend my day packing. Instead, I went on shopping trips with my parents, and it turned out to be pretty productive/worthwhile. Maybe I'll even get up early tomorrow morning and see what surprises await me.

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