Monday, September 22

Off to College

I haven't had the time/patience to blog lately. That may be because I've just moved in to my dorm and am feeling a bit out of place. I mean, I'm sure every college freshman goes through that initial feeling of uncertainly, and I'm sure it'll pass. My friend mentioned something about being more "friendsick" than homesick. I think I agree with him.

So let's start from where we left off. Last Wednesday, my cousins took me to an Augustana/Maroon 5/Counting Crows concert where we spent the night singing and dancing away to incredibly wonderful music.


These blindingly awesome green lasers flashed every few seconds.

So this is what my room looked like while I was packing for LA. Piles upon piles of mess.

Yes, the cat came with me.

I took this picture on the drive down to LA. (I was not driving at the time.) Taking pretty pictures makes me really happy.

So the dorm room is pretty small. It's not unbearable (Palina would disagree), but fitting three people into this room is kind of a tight squeeze. It could definitely be newer, but who am I to complain? I have the top bunk, two decent closets, and a sunny desk area.

Here, above-mentioned sunny desk area. See the box on the right side of the top shelf? I made that from a DIY kit Alex brought back from Korea. Also notice that Blogger is on my laptop screen...

Pictures above my bed - mostly Paris, Hawaii, and dance portraits from senior year.

The rest of the pictures. I did steal the "1" and "31" boxes from Lowell's countdown to prom calendar.

Here are my TWO rather spacious closets! :]

The highlight of yesterday was a concert at which The Cool Kids, Estelle, and Hellogoodbye performed. It would have been better if I had known a few more of Estelle's songs (and if The Cool Kids weren't so UNcool.). It was a fun experience, though.

Tonight was spent socializing/learning the rules at floor meetings, hall meetings, etc. It was more a colossal waste of life than fun. Now it's getting late and my mind is slowly beginning to shut down. AND I missed Gossip Girl (AGAIN).

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