Thursday, September 11


Packing for school has got my panties in a knot. There's just so much to consider - school supplies, bedding, clothing, toiletries, storage bins, electronics, decorations. Just looking at those supposedly helpful off-to-college checklists online blows my mind. I remember mentioning just yesterday that my room was getting cleaner. Well, it's gotten quite disorderly now that I've started taking things out of their hiding places in my room and packaging them into boxes for moving.

I'm taking this hat with me. The "Bud" logos along the band are a bit unsightly, but the hat itself brings back fond memories of my summer trip to Paris. I'm sure it'll cheer me up on a gloomy day.

I'm actually really excited for school to start. Aside from meeting new people and making new friends, I'm glad that my brain will finally be forced to work again. These past few days, I've realized that I've started losing mental capacity since school ended, and that's not okay with me. For a moment, I had a fleeting feeling of shame when I had to look up the correct spelling of "delirious" so I could Skype it to Spenser. As my punition, I went to YouTube and watched a couple of HowForWords lessons. Marina, the teacher, is just beautifully captivating, and I love the way she addresses her viewers as "my dear students" in that delightful accent of hers. She really does bring new meaning to the phrase "intelligence is sexy."

Speaking of sexy YouTube women...

I've fallen in love with the charming Natalie of communitychannel (Yes, again.). I had to rewatch her vlog about Orgasm Blush after trying it myself for the first time. Although the NARS product was just some glitter on my cheeks, I felt a bit giggly walking around wondering how many people noticed the traces of "Orgasm" on me. Anyway, as a tribute to Natalie, Dennis Ho and I will be doing the Milo Challenge, in which we consume Milo and milk until we nearly vomit. As dégoûtant as that sounds, it's something we've been planning to do ever since we saw the silly game featured on communitychannel.

Today I visited Liz in Berkeley. She treated me to Cheddar Broccoli soup, a veggie sandwich, and fresh strawberries. I visit so often, I may as well live there.

cardigan: Yessica, C & A Paris
tunic: LUX, Crossroads
tights: Nordstrom
flats: Blowfish, DSW
bag: Lucky Brand

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