Sunday, December 21

Fortune Cookie

I spent over a hundred and twenty dollars at the Gilroy Premium Outlets today. (Bad Mel, I know.) I meant to buy Christmas gifts for some people, but last-minute Christmas shopping is just so frustrating and stressful, I ended up getting things for myself. Plus, everything was so cheap due to sales upon sales, and I do love finding a good deal. Even so, talk about shopping fail.

After Gilroy, S and I, with the rest of our families, ate at Crazy Buffet in Santa Clara. While there, I opened a fateful fortune cookie that contained perhaps the worst fortune I've ever encountered. It read, "The real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and is happy that the system works." On the back, the LEARN CHINESE word was "disease." Talk about a bad omen. Maybe I should play it safe and stay in bed tomorrow.

Well, here are some things I bought last week, both from Forever 21.

A plaid shirt to grunge up my look. I love that it has a woodsy feel to it.

This dress was $26 and 100% silk. Talk about a good deal! I know it's a bit impractical for Winter in San Francisco, but I'll be back in LA soon enough, and I'll be able to break out my Spring/Summer wardrobe again. Sunshine, how I miss you!

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