Monday, December 15

sex god

I finally saw Twilight with P today. We both loved it! What surprised me most about the movie was not that it was corny and predictable, but that there was a character even hotter than my vampire, Edward Cullen.

Meet Dr. Carlisle Cullen, sex god extraordaire.

P and I literally started hyperventilating when he came out in his white medical coat and all of his godliness.


Lydia said...

HAHA he is a cutie. I also hyperventilate at such sexiness in movies!
<3 (encyclo)lydia

fazed-girl said...

in case you are interested

- sam

Anonymous said...

I don't know you...But I know you are totally right!
Dr.Cullen (Peter) is my secret sex god.
I want to lick him...
But I won't.

My friends and I drool over him, although we basically chew our lips off when Edward (Patzy) comes on. But still. Like father like son.

Anyways, thanks for the pin-up picture :]

Vampire lover said...

he is my sexy beast