Monday, December 8


I'm currently taking a break from studying for finals. After yet another strenuous day of cluster review, I figured I deserve a break. To lighten the mood, I googled pictures of my current obsessions.

The first is, of course, Blair Waldorf, the picture of perfection. Love her or hate her, you can't deny that Queen B has style. No matter where she is or what she's doing, she always looks flawless. (Love her tights in that second picture!)

The second is my favorite vampire, the love of my life, Edward Cullen. A girl can dream, right?

C called me earlier to inform me that our friends from summer orientation have gotten together. Her source? Facebook. Not really relevant to anything, but it somehow seems important to me right now. Maybe it's only because I've been studying for so long that my mind is longing for some non-academic stimulation.

I got a package from Delizcious today! It made my day! :)

...4 more days until I go home!


T.J. said...

All righty, my goals during this break will be to catch up on GG and read Twilight! I have got to see if this damn book is as majestic as America claims! Merry final taking my dear

jo said...

auuuuughhh! i love the black dress in the third picture that blair wore to her birthday party! :) LOVE IT