Sunday, December 7

Chem overload

The floor's Secret Santa dinner was a success! We exchanged gifts over a yummy sushi dinner. Thanks, R, for the massive stash of chocolate! Mmmm, hearts hearts hearts! After dinner, we congregated to play Apples to Apples, one of my new favorite games.

Saturday was devoted to studying. I spent the entire day in our lounge with my textbook and course reader and re-learned a quarter's worth of Chem. I tried to go to be early, but P was typing her essay with the light on, so I let her type while I tossed and turned.

I took the Chemistry final this morning, and I guess it wasn't too bad. Most of us are just praying for a good curve. While I was taking the final, P got sexiled by our other roommate, R, and her jerk of a boyfriend. We took turns commenting on how unfriendly and gangster he looks. If he were attractive at all, we'd at least be more inclined to be nice to him. Sadly enough for him, that is not the case. That asshole.

Two more finals to go and 5 days until I go home!

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