Wednesday, December 10


C was listening to this song that P fell in love with. P then played the song in our room and I fell in love with it, too. The song is called "Crush," by David Archuleta. Remember when he was a wee little tot on American Idol? Well, he hasn't grown much since then. Maybe that's a good thing because his voice is still as beautiful as ever.

After finishing the song on YouTube, "Crush," by Mandy Moore showed up as a related video, probably because the titles are the same. This one took P and me all the way back to memories of eighth grade.

I'm so happy now that my two hardest finals are over. I have my calculus final tomorrow morning, but math doesn't faze me anymore. After Chan, college calculus seems almost like a joke.

...2 more days until I go home!!

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Steph said...

dudeee it feels like your writing gossip girl entries xD
with the initials and all
C and R and whateverr HAHA
so im an S? =)
come back already bitch!