Wednesday, December 3

Consumer Heaven

Between hours of writing my research paper, I took constructive break periods to shop online for Christmas presents! I finished most of my Christmas shopping before I finished by essay (of course), but not before making a few purchases for myself as well!

Hello Urban Outfitters

I finally bought this Silent and Noise Bowery Dress!

I also got a Sparkle and Fade lace slip dress.

BDG Denim Mini. I know it's winter, but I do live in LA...

Floral moccasin slippers! Lovelovelove <3

Triple buckle boots from Forever 21.

Today, I got my Secret Santa gift in Westwood, again, not without getting something for myself. I'm now in consumer heaven.

I'm almost done reading Breaking Dawn. It's so unbelievably good. Broken into three books, the novel first reads through Bella's point of view, switches to Jacob's, and goes back to Bella's. Seeing the world through the eyes of Jacob Black really turned me off. Not only does he lack the clumsy, disjointed thoughts that I enjoy reading through Bella, but he clearly does not admire Edward as the godly being he is. Oh, Edward. What will I do when my vampire lives happily ever after and I have nothing left to fantasize about?

...8 more days!


Anonymous said...


And I hope you finish reading you can tell me what happens. xD

yellow said...

i miss you, let's thrift!