Monday, December 1

Le Rentrer

Le Rentrer means "the return." In France, this is when children return to school after a break of some sort and celebrate all the happiness that is education.

In my case, coming back to school was a mistake. I should have just stayed home and hid from my 7-8 page research paper, chem homework, and upcoming finals. If I stayed home, I wouldn't be miserably trying to pass the time away during my pathetic cluster lecture.

Last night, instead of working on said homework, I finished reading Eclipse and started reading Breaking Dawn.

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love.

How much do I want my own vampire? So much.

Anyways, it's dead week at UCLA and I'll be glad when it's over. This week, I have to finish the research paper, catch up on all of my chemistry homework, and prep for finals. Friday night, some friends and I are going out to dinner to celebrate our Secret Santa affair. Saturday is the USC game, not that I really have any desire to go. Maybe I'll give S my ticket so he won't have to steal it from L after all.

...11 days until I fly home!

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