Sunday, December 14

It's good to be home.

I'm back in my favorite foggy city. The first night, I was so happy to be cold. After that... I was just cold. At least my family keeps the heater on during the winter so nice and toasty inside. I've missed my bed, my carpet, and my bathroom ohsomuch. Oh, being home just makes me so happy!

My first night back, I drove to Millbrae to visit my buddies there. We congregated at J's house and played perhaps the saddest, shortest game of Taboo ever played. Then I watched as they drank (I had to drive home). Midnight marked J's 19th birthday, so happy birthday again!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mommy. I love this:

PANDA! The purchase of this adorable panda benefits the World Wildlife Fund, so don't feel guilty buying more than one. :) You can get it here.

And check out these open heel and toe leggings. I thought the foot part was a giant stirrup, but I guess I was wrong.

Last night, I finished reading Breaking Dawn for the second time. I skipped Jacob's book and found it a lot more enjoyable this time. I'm off to see Twilight with P tomorrow right after she gets a second ear piercing. I'm so excited for her!


Steph L <3 said...

it wass soo much fun watching that video AFTER you drink xD
*not like its not funny even before u drink*
YAY panda shirt! sooo cutee
how much was it?

Anonymous said...