Thursday, March 5


This is post number 70. I wish I had said something witty about post number 69, but I didn't realize I had posted so many times already. Nothing has been happening lately. Well, things have been happening, but I've been too sleep deprived to really notice.

I've started swimming again. I'm reneweing my lifeguarding certification over spring break, so I need to get back into shape for all the 500m's I'll be doing. That said, goodbye, spring break! I'm spending the whole week in class, and by the end of each class, I'll be exhausted, soaking wet, and covered in chlorine. On the bright side, I'll have a job this summer. Hello, income!

I am moving to Sproul Hall next year. I am leaving Dykstra, leaving the crap elevators, and leaving the roommate from hell behind. Not that I didn't enjoy Dykstra, I mean, getting to know the people on my floor has been amazing. But really, comparing Dykstra to Sproul is like putting Motel 6 up against the Ritz. I'm so excited for next year's housing, but then I remember that I still have to finish this winter quarter and live through the spring quarter.

Spring quarter, I'm taking four classes: Math, Chem, Life Sciences, and Statistics. There's token South Campus for ya. I'm just glad I won't have to write any essays for ten whole weeks. I'm so over writing.

Over the weekend, P and I went to the sculpture garden and staged a photoshoot. Running late as usual, we didn't spend that much time there, but we did end up with a few flattering shots.


Cory Soto said...

i love the last photo, it's really beautiful

Andy said...

You think Sproul is like the ritz? Try moving from canyon point (with its huuuuuugggggge rooms and private bathrooms) to dykstra =P