Thursday, October 16


This morning, I took my first quiz in discussion. When our TA called time, J just looked over at me and shook his head. It was that bad. I've been studying like crazy for Chem lately. I'm so frustrated because it seems like all my studying is amounting to nothing. After all my hours of hard work, fundamentals still seem difficult, and it takes me a long time to work though simple problems, like deriving empirical formulas.

Anyways, back to J for a second. That boy has the most amazing, piercing eyes I have ever seen. Our friend, L, who has read the entire Twilight series, convinced him to audition for a part in one of the Twilight movies as a vampire because the vampires apparently have beautiful eyes. All I could think was, I definitely wouldn't mind watching a movie with him in it. Rawr! He's going out dancing tonight. When asked if I wanted to go with him, I almost cried (on the inside) when I realized I had to say I couldn't. See, I promised myself I would never again go out on Thursday nights because I have early class on Fridays. So, that's that. Pretty boy J is going dancing tonight...alone.

I'm sorry. Really, I'm so sorry...but I have to get this off my chest. I've talked to P about this and she totally agrees.

10 Things I Hate About My Roommate:
1) She never takes out the recycling.
2) She never vacuums, even though she says she will.
3) She never refills the water filter, even though she uses it daily.
4) She used out all of P's Kleenex and left the empty box standing on her shelf.
5) She uses our laptops because she doesn't have one. There is a computer lab downstairs.
6) She uses our cellphones because she doesn't have one.
7) She refuses to keep the door open. (Hello, antisocial?)
8) She uses massive amounts of disgustingly musky perfume with the window closed.
9) She stares at me while I put on make up in the morning.

Last Sunday, her boyfriend decided to pay her a visit at 7:30am. Instead of knocking on the door as normal people generally do, this guy tries to break down the door by banging on it. I was woken up by that, and her shrieking "OH MY GOD!" when she answers the door. She introduces me as "my roommate" instead of Melinda, which I resent because A) I was in my pajamas in bed so she shouldn't have been talking to me in the first place, and B) I HAVE A NAME - of course I'm her roommate...who else would be sleeping in that bed?! Anyways, she lets him and his friend in and they decide to watch YouTube videos - at 7:30 in the morning while I'm still in bed.

My second encounter with the boyfriend: I'm at my desk doing homework and he walks in with my roommate. She reintroduces me as "Mel" and I explain that I was in bed this morning while he was here. Instead of apologizing for waking me up, he bluntly says "oh, so you're Mel," to which I respond, "yes, I am."

My last encounter with said boyfriend: I walk back into the room for my Periodic table and find him making out with my roommate on her bed.

I'm so frustrated that I got a shitty roommate with a shitty boyfriend. Please excuse my language, but...UCLA totally fucked up with our fucking roommate assignments. This girl isn't compatible with P or me at all. WHAT A BITCH.


Dennis Ho said...

haha pretty boy J. aww i'm sorry to hear about how much of an idiot your roommate is. you and paulina should try to get her kicked out.. if that is possible. next time i come visit, we can plan and make her life miserable or something. HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has to have one bad roommate story. Just be glad that you're going through it with someone else. And that it's not the whole floor below you. It's a long story, for another time though. Oh and fingercots are to keep band-aids on. Or to add grip so you can get those pesky contacts out of your eyes.

Anonymous said...

oh you! sorry that d sucks but you can always crash in my room, love you, let's hang out after your parents' weekend.

p.s. it's always okay to bitch about roommates because like you'll be with them for an entire effing year.