Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Last Tuesday, I boarded the Big Blue Bus with the intent of going to Santa Monica, but, being late as usual and spotting a Verizon Wireless store from the bus window, I hopped off midway and found myself somewhere between Brentwood and Third Street Promenade. I walked into Verizon Wireless with a temperamental [Did anyone else know that "temperamental" has that "a" between "temper" and "mental"?] speaker on my cellphone (it only works sometimes), thinking they'd send me away because the phone is otherwise fully functional. I was pleasantly surprised when the employee took a few glances at my almost-one-year-old Motorola Krzr and offered to replace it at no charge. He even transferred all of my contacts, photos, downloaded ringtones, and speed dials into my new phone without asking! No wonder Verizon is consistently rated best in service. Between that and the unbeatable coverage, I'm not sure how anyone can settle for anything less than being IN.

Wednesday morning, I took my LA Cluster midterm. It was surprisingly reasonable, and I emerged from the testing room feeling fairly confident. Still, I'm set on dropping that class as it bores me to death. Only one out of the three professors can hold my attention long enough to get his point across. I would rather take retard-English than suffer through another quarter of that nonsensical, irrelevant course.

Today's chemistry class put me in such a bad mood. I have nothing against my professor, but the way he teaches makes me want to take my own life. I can honestly say I feel as if a boredom knife is stabbing me through the heart...encore et encore et encore. It even sounds excruciating. The worst part is that next semester, I have to take the same professor because he's the only one teaching the class. He has a fucking monopoly on chemistry classes. Tell me, in a capitalist society that thrives with perfect competition, HOW IS THAT FAIR?

[Cute little joke from my chem professor: What is CH2O?]
[Answer: Seawater!]
[See? I actually kind of like the old chap aside from his teaching.]

So I come back to my dorm, fuming the entire time because I don't understand anything in that class. Instead of studying for my midterm, I straightened my hair because I thought that would make me fume less. Apparently, it didn't work because I just exploded at my neighbor across the hall for taking my laundry spot. We both have places to go later, but I signed up for the spot, so I had every right to be angry. Still, I don't think she deserved the multitude of death stares I gave her... maybe I'll go apologize later.

Tonight is Halloween night. What are my plans? Game night on my floor, and a party afterwards. I'm not even in the mood to go out anymore. Fuck chemistry. Fuck my life.

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