Wednesday, October 22

Just Staring

As I got up late this morning, I was forced to go to class in a sweatshirt and oversized tee. Feeling particularly schlep-y, I returned to my room right after class and changed into one of my little black dresses and felt much better.

I decided to skip math today because we were reviewing the chain rule, again. I was strolling campus aimlessly when I ran into Pretty Boy J. He was hungry, so we sat down inside Ackerman and chatted over my second lunch. In an hour, I had learned way more about him than I had expected. I came to find that Pretty Boy J is far prettier on the inside than he is on the outside, and god knows his outside is pretty (keep in mind that I refer to him as Pretty Boy). After munching, we walked to chem and got there early enough to get a seat towards the front.

After class, Pretty Boy J left with some friends and I nearly walked into R as I was saying goodbye. Never one to pass up an opportunity to socialize, I stayed in the chem courtyard and chatted with him until the shade from the tree moved so far that we were left standing in the over-90-degree heat.

Earlier, P and I were iming via Skype because we were bitching about all the things we couldn't bitch about out loud. She informed me that D was staring at us, and had been for some time. When I looked up and asked what she was doing, she responded with, "Oh, I'm just staring." Now I have to ask, who seriously admits to staring at other people?

My outfit from yesterday (I tend to change during the day if the weather changes):

sweatshirt: UCLA (well, obviously)
leggings: Forever 21
boots: Steve Madden

cardigan: Mossimo, Target
tunic: unknown brand, Crossroads
boots: still Steve Madden

I really need to stop procrastinating and get on top of my school work. (Excuse the image.)


Here, we see brie (Champignon brand, not President) and spreadable garlic & herb cheese on wheat bread (not fresh-baked baguette).

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