Friday, October 17

Still homesick... Damn.

It's so difficult to get to know a new place. I love seeing new places, but I like the comfort of familiarity. I love meeting new people, but I miss my friends back home. I miss the people who get me - who, at times, know me better than I know myself. I miss not getting lost on my way to class. I miss knowing exactly which bus to take to get wherever I want to go. I miss the way my parents tell me I stay up too late. In short, I miss home. I miss home so so so much.

Speaking of parents, P asked me why I talk to my mom every night. She went on to make a rather critical comment about how I'm now in college and shouldn't talk to my parents all the time. Alright, that hurt. I tried explaining to her that my mom is my best friend, and like most best friends, we spend a lot of time talking to each other. I'm pretty sure this open communication is a sign of a healthy relationship with my parents. Am I wrong? I mean, however far away I may be, I'll always be their daughter, and they'll always be my parents. Just because I don't live with them anymore doesn't mean we have to grow apart, right? And to be frank, almost everyone I've discussed the matter with talks to their parents every night, too. That's right. Every single night. I'm not saying all of this to prove how I'm right and she's wrong, but really, every parent-child relationship is different, and she shouldn't have criticized mine for being different from hers. Of course I didn't say all of this to her. I was too busy fuming... damn.

So, on a less I'm-really-homesick and I'm-really-defensive note, my floor designated Fridays to be game nights. Yesterday, we played a very intense game of Taboo. Being the captain of the losing team, N agreed to dye his hair blue. The color, though blindingly bright on the box, came out quite nice on his head. I just have to give him kudos for being such a great sport and actually following through with the hair dye.

Early this morning, I went to bed at 3:30, after Skyping A for a very long time. Five hours later, I woke up to go to the UCLA vs. Stanford football game. The first three quarters passed slowly and disappointingly. Our team made an epic comeback in the last quarter, winning the game by making touchdown in the last five seconds. Watching this gave every single bruin or bruin fan in the stadium a rush of adrenaline like no other. We then high-fived and embraced even strangers sitting near us. It made sitting under the sun in unforgiving Pasadena heat seem worthwhile, but what goes up must come down, right? Our happiness was dampened by our bus breaking down in the middle of the freeway on our way back to UCLA. The driver made us get out of the bus and wait on the side of the freeway for rescue buses. These rescue buses already had people on them, so we had to sit on the floor all the way back to campus.

I've had these pictures, but haven't posted them yet, so...
(I know they look identical, but look closely... They're not.)

dress: Japan
flip flops: Rainbow
sunglasses: a gift from UCLA's Blue & Gold Week

I just saw this amazing bag at Old Navy for just $12.99.

This makes me want to go shopping tomorrow. Oh, and I talked to R and told her all about how no one thrifts here in LA. I miss her so much!

p.s. A friend asked me a few days ago to remove her name from my blog. I had unintentionally said something that she didn't want the world to know. So, I've taken to writing just first initials of names, an idea I got from C, also known as noncommittal. Just wanted to give her credit for that.

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Anonymous said...

i was homesick last week too!

and i def took the initials idea from BdJ.