Thursday, October 9


I was really productive today. After my Chem tutoring session, I got together with a small group to do Calculus homework and study Chem. I really love Calculus. I understand a great deal more now that I'm learning the principles a second time.

Tonight was about floor bonding - getting to know each other on a personal level and sharing our "secrets." It was a worthwhile experience, although I wish I had known it would take so long. I would have done more homework beforehand.

I got back to my room shortly before midnight and decided to study Chem (specifically, Stoichiometry and other fundamentals) some more. By the end of the study session, I could balance equations, and work out empirical/molecular formulas, something I was really proud of even though most people learned it in their sophomore year of high school.

Because there wasn't a new episode of Gossip Girl this week, I found myself drooling over pictures of the cast on

Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, and Ed Westwick. They are the reasons why "prep" is such a turn on for so many girls. They are also the reasons why Gossip Girl is the single show I follow religiously. I would probably sell my soul to meet this cast... or even just Leighton Meester.

Here, she's dressed up as Blair Waldorf, but you have to admire her daring, darling style whether or not she's in character. Who else could pull off that floral bubble hem sundress with matching pumps and pearl earrings?


Dennis Ho said...

i was so looking forward to watching a new episode of GG.. then i became sad when it wasn't new. haha. but this coming monday is new!!!

yaiskor said...

haha I'm proud of you, you can do chemistry now! haha seriously, good job, i think i would've given up a long time ago.