Monday, October 27

Midterms: The Beginning

I brought Lappie with me to class this morning and we actually took notes together. Professor Zasloff, the interesting law professor, lectured today, and kept me entertained the entire time. After the lecture, I returned to my room and had a nice turkey and garlic & herb cheese sandwich. As I was washing the dishes from my lunch, I realized I was late for my Math midterm. I grabbed my bag and ran across the campus, but was still a few minutes late. Even so, I finished the test with time to spare and felt like I did really well, hence the facebook status, "I raped it." One down, three to go!

This was my Math-midterm-conquering outfit:

tunic/dress: Zara
tights: Xhiliration, Target
moccasins: Minnetonka, Nordstrom

I'm now sitting in a midterm review for my LA Cluster with K and TJ, listening to quite possibly the most ridiculous questions being asked. One example: "How should we allot our time between writing short answers and the essay?" Seriously? I can't believe I pushed dinner back for this.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. ME-day! I should probably be studying for my next midterm, but going to Santa Monica is rightfully higher on the priority list.

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Jessie said...

I HAVE THOSE MOCCASINS! and so do like, 4 other girls in my house. HAHA! cool.