Saturday, October 11

Lowell Day

I woke up to a call from Greg this morning. We went to brunch and chit-chatted about this past week. The craziest sounds come out of that boy when we talk.

After brunch, I met up with DENNIS HO, who came to visit his sister (and me!). We, along with Connie, Karrie, and Jon, explored campus and went on a coupon-redeeming spree. Highlights of the trip include investigating the inside of Royce Hall, and Connie capturing Dennis, Jon, and me taking turns mounting the bruin bear.

As I was finishing up my shower routine, I got a call from Connie. She informed me that the group would be picking me up to take Dennis and Eleanor to Diddy Reise. Having already brushed my teeth, I decided I wouldn't get ice cream, but went with them anyways. I'm so glad I went because this is what happened while we were walking back.

Me: [insert dirty comment here]
Connie: "You can dip it in my milkshake."
John: (turns around) "What did you say!?"
Boy-whose-name-I-have-yet-to-learn: (turns to look at me and Connie, right before walking straight into a pole, and ricocheting right back)

As Yesenia said, "that was gold." I hadn't laughed that hard in so long, and I welcomed the feeling of being out of breath from laughter. Thanks, Boy.

When I got back to my dorm room, I found myself reminiscing about the past four years. I think the presence of Dennis and Eleanor made me realize how much I miss my high school friends. I then found myself feeling quite sad as I'd love to keep in touch with all of my friends from Lowell, but I should know better. I need to accept that people move on and things change. I need to give it time, though - I'm not ready to let go just yet. I find it comforting to know that I won't have to worry about losing my closest friends. I believe some things do last forever.

On a different note (the musical kind!), there are few songs I feel are truly beautiful, but I've fallen in love with a song called Love Story, by Taylor Swift. I saw the video yesterday and it swept me away with its pretty melody and powerful (if cheesy) lyrics. Because of that one song, I've actually started to like Taylor Swift, even though she generally sings country music and looks like a cat. Since UCLA frowns upon illegal downloading, I have the song bookmarked on YouTube. Seriously, it's beautiful.

Speaking of YouTube, HappySlip made a poignant video doing a cover of Rihanna's "Take A Bow." She wrote her own lyrics to accompany the comely melody of the song because she felt Rihanna's were a bit too harsh. I think she did a wonderful job with it. Aside from sharing her lyrics, she also entertains with her skills on the piano, powerful vocals, and cutesy comments. You can see the video here.

Pictures will come when I charge my camera. The YouTube videos should be plenty entertaining for now.

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