Wednesday, October 22

I hate my cluster.

I brought my laptop to my cluster lecture today because I've noticed that most people do. I've also noticed that, within the first ten minutes of class, most people are already well into their mindless Facebook stalking routines. I brought my laptop today not really to Facebook, but mostly to keep me awake in class. Between staring blankly at quite possibly the worst PowerPoint presentation ever made and taking notes via Microsoft Word, I've checked my email, facebooked, and read all the blogs I follow. (A bit counterproductive, I know.)

I was reading A's blog earlier and came across this:

On the left, a video call shot of A (taken by yours truly), and on the right, Kevjumba (taken from his "Girls Are Like M&M's" video.

For a second, I forgot I was sitting in a lecture hall with over a hundred other students. For a second, I forgot I was bored out of my mind. For a second, I laughed out loud and quite a few people stared.

I looked back up at the PowerPoint and realized I now have no idea what my professor is trying to say. She has this unique way of lecturing in a monotonous drone that sounds more like a lullaby than an engaging professor. T and I are counting down to the end of class - 21 more minutes.

This morning, I walked into the hallway in my usual half-asleep, groggy state and was shocked to find Halloween decorations adorning the walls and ceiling. I then remembered that today is All Hill Halloween. UCLA is involved in a program where inner-city kids are transported to the campus to trick-or-treat in the dorms because their own neighborhoods are unsafe. G and I are going to partner up and tour the kiddies around the dorms. Can't wait!

One last thing... I went to Ralph's yesterday to fill my refrigerator and spent over $40 (!!!) on a loaf of bread, a quart of milk, a container of orange juice, a hunk of brie, some spreadable garlic and herb cheese, Kraft American singles, some sliced honey-roasted turkey, yogurt, Nutella, and organic grapes. If you haven't noticed, I really like cheese. Now, this may sounds like a lot, but it didn't even fill two paper bags. Since when were groceries so ridiculously expensive?

...11 minutes to go. Tick tock.

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noncommittal said...

since you got to college and started paying for food yourself.

i just told my mom that i'm not going to ever buy milk or cereal ever again.