Sunday, October 26

Warm Fuzzies

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron complement each other almost too perfectly. They don't even have to fake the chemistry between them on camera. Watching it all in High School Musical 3 was mind blowing. Not only is that movie naively feel-good and cheesy, but the entire cast is adorable (Who can argue against Corbin Bleu's fluffy fro?). So take Gabriella, a curly-haired, beautiful braniac, and Troy, a sensitive jock with beautiful eyes, put them on a rooftop, and watch them sing and dance in the rain. This song is called "Can I Have This Dance." It's my favorite from the movie and it's just magical.

The only thing that bothered me througout the movie was how Gabriella calls her boyfriend "Wildcat" instead of his name. There's a scene in which she actually says, "I love you, Wildcat," as opposed to, "I love you, Troy," which would mean so much more. I forgive her, though.

So I actually went to the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood to watch a special screening of the movie. They had this little shrine set up outside the theatre:

These are the costumes from the scene "A Night to Remember."
Ahhh, Disney. They know just how to make a movie I want to watch again and again and again. Warm fuzzies all around.

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