Friday, October 10

I finally uploaded pictures.

I went clubbing last night. I had fun, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't stayed up until 3am the previous night studying chemistry. The club was decent, and good music was playing (at least I recognized most of the songs). By the end of the night, though, I was so exhausted and so over my aching feet, horny guys, and drunk girls. This is what I wore. (Notice the 4" heels.) The second picture is one of me being vain in front of the mirror.

silk tank: Express
jeans: Hudson, Bloomingdales
oxfod booties(!): Fioni, Payless

I stumbled back into the dorm room, showered, and fell into bed after 3am, again. I got up 4 and half hours later and have been tired ever since. As I was walking up the stairs, an epic yawn came over me and I tripped. Thankfully, it was too early in the morning for anyone to be awake to see me fall.

So I was posting a comment on a friend's Blogger earlier and it occurred to me that these security measure things...

...always fluster me. Am I the only one who has trouble making out letters in these boxes?

Also, one of my roommates has gotten pretty sick, so to prevent myself from getting whatever virus she's carrying, I stopped by the student union to pick up some Emergen-C.

Everyone who has had Emergen-C knows that the stuff tastes like powdered children's vitamins...and not the good kind, so to encourage myself to keep drinking it, I treat myself to a gummy every time I finish 2 oz. (I'm taking around 16 oz.)

And since I finally uploaded pictures, here's a shot of my new hair:

People kept walking past me the first week I got it because no one recognized me anymore. So now you know, and you can say hi to me when you see me. :)

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