Tuesday, October 7

Some Alone Time

Today, I got up without an alarm clock. I went to the Clinique counter in our student store for a free consultation, then headed over to the gym for a workout. In the afternoon, I bussed out to a mall in search of a Sanrio, but found a Payless instead. As Payless was having its trademark BOGO (Buy One Get One half off) sale, I bought these patent oxford booties with a slick 4" heel:

and these double-strap Mary Janes with covered heels (half off!!):

And it all came out to under $50. Mmmm, gotta love Payless. I mean, designer shoes are wonderful to gawk at, but I couldn't imagine actually wearing down the heels on a pair of $500 Jimmy Choos.

Tuesdays have become my designated me-days as I don't have classes that day. Our dorms are so close-knit. I mean, I love the social aspect of that, but I miss the calm and quiet of having my own room. I like having a day that I can spend alone - strolling through campus, sitting under a tree, shopping in Westwood - without having to deal with other people. I will admit that sounds a bit antisocial, but I do need time to myself every once in a while, and once a week is pretty reasonable.

I think most of us are at the point where the novelty of college is wearing off and we're starting to miss the familiar things of home - friends, family, our own beds. It's makes me sad that I won't be seeing old friends until Thanksgiving, when I fly back for three days. I'm glad there are so many things going on here to keep me busy, so I don't miss home as much.

Is anyone else excited for the premiere of Disney's High School Musical 3? UCLA is taking us to the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood the night of the premiere, so I'm really looking forward to that! Besides, the whole cast is adorable, and I love Vanessa Hudgens's style!

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Dennis Ho said...

HSM3! ahh! i'm jealous! melindas! i didn't know you blogged either! haha. i miss youu!