Thursday, April 9


P and I have been feeling quite sick of our music libraries lately. I'm rather angry at UCLA for not allowing us to download music on campus. It's not like prohibiting illegal downloads keeps us from downloading music. Ironically, it pretty much ensures that illegally downloading music/movies is the first thing we do when we leave campus with our laptops.

I have tons of homework to finish because I'm a psychobiology major and South Campus sucks. C, I'm not saying that North Campus is better, but it definitely is easier and (maybe) a happier place to be. Just compare my workload to D's. Oh wait, she doesn't have a workload to compare.

Tonight, after nearly drowning P and me in her perfume man stench, D went out to party a friend. I'd say they're clubbing, but who would want to go clubbing with her? And I have to emphasize a friend because she only has one. Yes, A (the hockey player down the hall), I can indeed be a bitch. What can I say? She brings out the bitch Blair in me.

I leave you with some findings from American Eagle Outfitters:

oversized shirt (dress)

strappy stitch sandals

pretty pointelle knee socks

And just like that, I've fallen in love with American Eagle again.

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