Wednesday, April 1

The Perfect Man

If I haven't gushed to you about it already, P got me the best birthday gift in the history of birthday gifts. She ordered both High School Musical 3 and Twilight on DVD. <3

Monday night, we watched HSM 3 and fell in even more in love with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. That level of perfection should not be allowed. I mean, who can say no to a boy who serenades you, then dances you on a rooftop in the rain? Last night, we watched Twilight. I can't decide whether Edward or Carlisle Cullen is more perfect. All I know is that there were quite a few moments last night when P and I both stopped breathing due to overwhelming amounts of "dazzling."

Anyways, over spring break, my male friend asked me why all girls seem to be in love with Twilight. I explained to him that heterosexual females tend to fall in love with Edward because he is the perfect man. He then asked me to define "perfect man." I've since been compiling a mental list of qualities that should be found in the perfect man, who, in my case, would be a cross between Troy and Edward (If I had it my way, 80% Edward and 20% Troy).

The Perfect Man...
- serenades you on your balcony
- brings late night picnics of pizza and chocolate-covered strawberries
- dances you on a rooftop (rain is optional)
- drives 1,053 miles in a rundown truck to see you
- appears in a tree while dressed in a tux
- frequently dazzles you
- composes music inspired by his love
- looks delicious in classic Ray Ban Wayfarers and tousled hair
- saves you from other vampires who want you dead
- gives you piggyback rides to various romantic locations
- sparkles in the sun (meadow is optional)
- sneaks into your room at night to watch you sleep
- leaves love notes that feature lines like "Look after my heart - I've left it with you."

...The list will probably grow later. I can't ignore my math homework any longer.


(Encyclo)lydia said...

Okay, so you've convinced me to see Twilight. Renting this weekend! I love seeing perfect men in movies since they don't seem to exist in real life.
And I'm heading to USC! Frienemies? Haha.

yaiskor said...

haha i wouldn't worry about it. it was mainly for my amusement. although a simple google search will suffice if you're curious.

that bit about sneaking into your house to watch you sleep is borderline creepy.