Monday, April 6

"Sale" may be my favorite word in the English language.

This past weekend was so amazing. Saturday, my floor went to Six Flags Magic Mountain for bonding and other thrills. All I have to say is that riding Tatsu at night pretty much completes my life. That night, I slept 11 hours and it was heavenly.

Yesterday, P and I bussed to Santa Monica to promenade down Third Street in search of new wardrobes. I'm happy to report that the trip was a success. Though my bank account took quite a few blows for my success, I like to think I found some good deals thanks to various sales.

Above, Old Navy flip-flops in magenta. I think I chose this color because a) it makes me happy, and b) my nails happened to be painted the exact same color. Can I just say that these $2 flip-flops are the most magical shower shoes in the world? I had been wearing the marc by Marc Jacobs flip-flops before and they just aren't the same.

Above, Forever 21 floral woven tunic, perfect for spring in sunny LA. I'll admit that it's a bit see-through, but it'll work with proper layering.

Above, Gap ruffle striped cardigan that I bought two sizes too big so I can wear it as a dress.

Above, Minnetonka 3-layer fringe boot, purchased at the Kitson outlet. I've finally decided that my brown fringed boots need replacing.

Above, epic find of the day. UGG Australia's Suburb boot, 66% off at the Kitson outlet.

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jo said...

we went to the kitson outlet too.. somehow we knew you were gonna get those boots.