Wednesday, April 1

word vomit

I have a few things to say. It's probably going to pour out like word vomit, but I'll try to organize. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Last Saturday, I went to the Gilroy premium outlets with S and family. My favorite store there has got to be the American Apparel outlet. The things there aren't cheap, but they sell at significantly cheaper prices than the regular retail stores. American Apparel has grown on me ever since I took the LA cluster last fall and found that American Apparel is the only company that really takes care of its workers in the garment industry of LA.

Above, American Apparel Mélange Jersey Pocket Skirt in Heather Grey, purchased for $20 at the outlet.

Above, American Apparel Fine Jersey Double-Brested Cardigan in Lapis, purchased for $28 at the outlet. Don't you just love the brilliant blue?

Sunday, my thoughts revolved around Paris on my trip back to LA. As I was sitting at Gate A1, I listened to Air France's stream of announcements in fluent French on repeat. I then turned around and saw this beauty behind me:

This picture was taken through the airport window (I apologize for the dots). Just seeing the word "France" brought me back to last summer in Paris and I was happy that Virgin America's happy little terminal was right next to Air France's. I also happened to be reading Paris Hangover, which is about a New York fashionista who decides (on a whim) to pack up her life and move to Paris to pursue her dreams in fashion and find a French Prince Charmant.

Monday signaled the beginning of a new quarter. I like to think I got lucky with my teachers this quarter. Case(s) in point:

Weisbart (Math): Donald Duck is getting dressed in the morning. He has 5 shirts, 4 hats, and 3 watches. How many ways can he get dressed? By the way, did anyone notice that Donald Duck is missing something... like pants? Donald Duck is a little pervert.

Ioudina (Stats): There's a statistic that 25% of Americans suffer from a mental disorder. You and three other friends are all Americans, and they're all fine. So, you're the retard?

Hardinger (Chem): Emergencies come up, I understand. For example, maybe your cat eats your car keys on exam day. You either have a really small set of keys or a really big cat. Or maybe a really big cat tiger eats your cat that ate your car keys.

Phelan (Life Science): I like my students to get to know me so you guys will work a little bit harder for me and a little bit less for your other professors. Yeah, I don't give a shit about your other professors. You can tell them I said that.

Tuesday was an uneventful, but relatively good day. Let's leave it at that.

Today, I found my way to Boelter 9413 for my second Stats discussion. My TA, Miles, might be the cutest TA I've ever met. On our first day, he brought coffee for us so we'd stay awake through discussion. Yesterday, he sent us an adorably nerdy video of how to get to the Boelter room. Without it, I probably would have gotten lost, given up, and gone back to the dorm to nap. Instead, I followed to video to the top of Boelter hall and found an amazing view of South Campus.

Above, the UCLA Court of Sciences like you've never seen it before. Who knew South Campus could compare to North Campus in the aesthetics department?

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Anonymous said...

OMG. I LOVE LOVE LOVE PROF PHELAN. I had him first quarter and he's definitely my FAVORITE.

Haha. I have class at the Boelter lab tomorrow. But Melly, the Stats dept made that video for all of the stats students...however I AM jealous of the TA sitch because mine is engaged. And a woman.