Thursday, April 16

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun.

My math professor seems to agree with Lady GaGa. To date, we've done about a good number of examples in probability, and about a third of them involve revolvers in various games of Russian Roulette. All I've learned is that I should never get trapped in a game in which I need to choose the revolver that has a lower probability of putting a bullet in my head.

Math 3C is a class for Life Science majors. Our textbook likes to teach us through examples with bacteria and other biological systems to keep us interested (and to make us think what we're learning is relevant). My professor, however, likes to compare administering vaccines to shooting a patient with a randomly loaded gun. He explained that many people die from vaccines every year, and you never know if the vaccine you administer is going to kill the patient. Hence, the randomly loaded gun.

There was a couple sitting right in front of me yesterday. As they were more interesting than the lecture, I proceeded to observe them throughout the class. The poor girl was trying her best to get the boy's attention by flipping her hair, nudging him, and resting her hand on his arm, but the boy's interest was held by the game of Russian Roulette being hypothetically demonstrated on the board. The girl did manage to get the boy's attention once - by taking out a pack of Saltine crackers. Apparently, he was hungry.

Side note - To the giggly girls in the front row, stop flirting with our professor. It's not cute.

For C:

It's hard to tell with my ruler in this picture, but this banana is just short of 10 inches.

For H:

I definitely dropped these Ray Bans and scratched up the left frame on my way to wash them in the bathroom... I found them as a stowaway in my dining hall locker. Apparently, they wanted to come home with me.

Finally, I leave you with:

Above, solid proof that eco-friendly, staple-less staplers are homeworks' best friends. Though it's hard to tell in this picture, the red pen mark says, "nice!"


Dennis Ho said...

Oh gosh. You and Connie are measuring bananas..

T.J. said...

Ooh I like what you've done with your layout! If only LA could be like this, but instead, it's colder and more windy than ever! And hurrah it's nice to see people appreciate eco-friendly options