Sunday, April 26


A bit of good news: Rendezvous finally got composting bins! For those of you that don't know, LA is really not a green city. On my first day on campus, I spent a few hours walking around campus with a banana peel in my hand looking for a compost bin. To my dismay, I didn't find one. I did, however, find that most people here don't even know what compost is, a fact that disturbs and saddens me. I'm glad UCLA is making efforts to go green - Hedrick's trayless dining, composting dining hall leftovers, Beefless Thursdays, and now, compost bins:

Another bit of good (maybe bad) news: D got bunnies. They're incredibly adorable, but they're also furry poop machines. A good/bad thing about the poop is that they're tiny dry pellets that blend into the carpet. We're still waiting for D to vacuum.

Yesterday, I checked out the Festival of Books on campus with P and H before heading to Westwood for haircuts. I cut my hair a good three inches and got my bangs shortened so they sort of resemble bangs again. The lady cutting my hair told me that she also works in Beverly Hills and that my haircut would cost $85 dollars in Beverly Hills. I'm glad I only pay $20 in Westwood.

Above, my contribution to the Festival of Books. There was a massive mural-type poster that said, "What are you reading?" There were people Sharpie-ing all kinds of books on the poster, so I followed suit. Some examples: Twilight, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and an O-Chem textbook.

I spent a good two hours reading in bed this morning, then felt extremely guilty afterwards because I should be studying for my o-chem midterm. But why should I feel guilty? Sundays should be spent relaxing, doing things that make you happy, rejuvenating after a long week, and preparing for the week ahead. I'm so sick of nonstop work work work. Our lives are constantly on fast forward - always looking to the future, never stopping to enjoy the moment. I'm so ready for summer. (Note to self: never take 18 units worth of math and science classes in one quarter ever again.)

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T.J. said...

I agree about Sundays. And I had no idea you have bunnies in your room!!