Sunday, April 12

Happy Birthday, TJ!

It's Easter Sunday and TJ's birthday! I'm not going to church, but I am going to TJ's birthday dinner tonight. I'm not eating meat until dinner, when TJ, R, and I plan to take our first post-Lent bites of meat together.

I'm spending a quiet weekend confined to my dorm room in an effort to catch up in all of my classes. I have to work through more homework than I can list in less than a week. Still, I find time to play truth-or-dare with my floor, go fruit-hunting in Westwood, and blog.

I'm in love with the camera on my cell phone. It takes such high-quality pictures for a tiny phone camera. I'm also in awe of Bluetooth, which allows me to send the pictures from my phone to my camera in less than five seconds. Here are the results of said photodump:

Above, the April picture of my calendar. I love cats. :)

Above, a year and two months later, I'm finally growing the mini bonsai tree that Liz gave me on my birthday last year. The first step is to germinate the seeds by soaking them in water for 24 hours. I'll follow up with more pictures when it gets more interesting.

Above, D visited LA on his spring break last week. Instead of doing homework, we sang and fooled around while A.Lo rocked my guitar. Afterwards, he fell asleep on my bed with ever-napping H. <3

Above, the very definition of Paris. This makes me smile every time I walk by it on my way out of the Trader Joe's in Westwood (which I'm so thankful we have). A few floormates and I ventured to Westwood this morning in search of fruit bargains at the farmer's market, but the market was apparently cancelled because of Easter. I'm not sure Jesus would appreciate markets depriving college students of fresh fruit on his behalf. Anyways, I got my fruit fix at Trader Joe's in the form of strawberries and seedless green grapes.

Above, sunset on a clear day right in front of my dorm. Sometimes, I just can't get over how beautiful LA can be.

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