Tuesday, April 28


The first round of midterms is over. I don't want to talk about it.

I do have a side note, though. The stress of midterms has driven me into sheer madness with my shopping. Over the past few days, I've ordered more things online than I can mentally keep track of. Of the things that came yesterday, this is my favorite:

Above, floral print sunglasses from [please don't shoot me] Wet Seal. So I know Wet Seal generally designs cheap whore clothing, but I just couldn't resist these sunglasses. At $5, I would have bought them off a vendor in Mexico (except not right now, given the swine flu pandemic and all).

Taylor Swift graced the cover of the May 2009 issue of Seventeen. P and I still read it despite being 2 years over the target age group. Anyways, I loved the shots of her with this huge flower headband.

You can't really see, but she is wearing the most amazing ring on her right ring finger. It looks like this:

This is Kiel Mead's forget me not ring. I have since decided that I'm in love with bows and am on the lookout for a ring that looks like this one, but costs less than the $200 asking price.

While we're on the subject of Taylor Swift, I wanted to share another one of her songs:

This is "Breathe," and I learned it on guitar a few days ago. It has a grand total of about 5 alternating chords, so it's super easy. It also sounds incroyable, which isn't surprising given that her entire CD is amazing. I really need to invest in a thesaurus and stop overusing "amazing." Sorry.

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angie said...


its still expensive... but less than 200$ XP
don't worry! i'm sure you did fine on midterms.
i want to go shopping too :(