Friday, April 10

"Why yes, I would like to catalyze ATP production, but I'm not an enzyme."

As I said on my twitter, I really need a small notebook to jot down sudden inspirations/ things I need to remember. I've recently been using the memopad on my cellphone, but that's just not as satisfying.

A few things on my mind today:

I'm quite torn between feelings towards my current Statistics professor. I thought my Ukranian Calculus teacher from last quarter was hard to understand, but I would be glad to have her teach me now. What angers me most is that UCLA seems to import a good number of math and science professors from Asian countries. I have nothing against Asian countries, given that they breed math and science geniuses, but I think UCLA needs to ensure that these professors have mastered the English language before allowing them to teach. Students should not have to decode the semi-proficient English of an imported professor in order to learn. My statistics professor can read and write English fairly well, but most of her messages are lost in translation when she speaks. Appearance-wise, she looks like a mean bird, but I have reason to believe that a kind soul is hiding under her stern gaze, old-lady clothing, and sky-high heels. She she does get cool points for featuring this as her screensaver:

Twilight forest, anyone?

On the bright side, my Life Sciences 2 TA, Aditi, is a Godsend. Only the best TA ingores the "suggested adgenda" of holding a class debate on animal testing, and reviews every single lecture we've had to date instead. Only the best TA describes enzyme catalysis of ATP production as "fucking intense." Only the best TA does all of this in 50 minutes and dismisses the class that was supposed to last 3 hours. Thanks, Aditi.

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