Friday, March 27

Happy Birthday, AS!

This morning, I made my final drive to Palo Alto to take the final test for my lifeguarding course. It took me and hour and a half to drive there and back. It took me twenty minutes to take the actual test. Le sigh.

Tonight, I got out of my schleppy clothing and ditched my recent hermit-like behavior to celebrate AS's birthday with a dinner at Joe's of Westlake. Why AS chose that restaurant to host his birthday dinner, I have no idea. The food wasn't exceptional, though it wasn't bad. I was fairly impressed with the service, considering we had a party of twenty-three. I had a lot of fun watching S act drunk and getting to know the people around me. I just felt bad for the birthday boy, who got caked in the face five times.

Here's a picture of San Francisco that I took on my cellphone sometime last week.

I think it's a pretty epic shot of my favorite foggy city.

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