Sunday, March 8

Do you like honey?

I normally don't have any honey, but I've decided that I like it after this weekend. I had a lot of Honey this weekend.

1. Puppy:

2. Jessica Alba-style:

3. With Flax:

I'm currently blasting my music in an [unfortunately unsuccessful] attempt to annoy D enough to drive her from the room. The roommate from hell likes to talk on her phone on her bed at decibels loud enough to shatter windows. This is irritatingly distracting when I'm trying to do homework. It doesn't matter that I couldn't care less about her or her pathetic excuse for a boyfriend; all I hear is her voice droning on and on about nothing of importance. I guess I should turn the music now that P is back in the room and I can't hear a thing she's saying. Well, it was a valiant attempt. I'm so ready to move to Sproul.

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