Tuesday, March 24

Reasons I can't stop smiling:

1. I watched Slumdog Millionaire with some friends after dinner last night. I rarely say this, but I think the movie should have elaborated on the "happily ever after." Still, Slumdog lived up to its hype and was a really amazing movie.

2. It was almost 70 degrees in Palo Alto and wind speed was 10-15 mph. That was beyond heavenly compared to the 55 degrees and 30 mph wind that we had to deal with for the past two days.

3. I wore a two-piece swimsuit today and my black-and-white tanline from the one-piece is gradually fading. I'm still tanning at the speed of light, but at least it's an even, all-over tan.

4. We practiced managing spinal injuries and backboarding in the deep end in lifeguarding class today. I'm not sure why this makes me happy, but it does.

5. I officially got promoted to head lifeguard in Brisbane! So now I know I'll be in the city this summer.

6. I had a delicious Asian dinner at Fat Wong's Kitchen in Millbrae. The cooks there just have a way with food.

7. I just finished watching Definitely, Maybe. I can't even begin to explain my love for movies that make me cry.

8. Origins is going green(er)! Beginning in April, bring in an empty cosmetic bottle to a participating Origins store, and get a free Origins product sample. Read all about it here.


Anonymous said...

Definitely, Maybe = pure goodness. I could watch and never get tired of it.

Steph<3 said...

i still wanan watch that!! =)

T.J. said...

I'm glad you're having a great time at home!!