Saturday, March 14

win some, fail some

1. Yesterday, I found the question mark button on Qwerty (it's next to the zero key). That makes texting so much easier!
2. The laundry room finally opened up so I can do my two loads of laundry today.
3. Bluetoothing pictures back and forth between my phone and computer is amazing!
4. My chem lab TA accepted my friend request on Facebook. My life is now complete.

Chem final in T-minus 21 hours and I'm on Blogger instead of studying.

On the bright side, I'm figuring out the organic molecule building set. I feel like a small child playing with Legos... I made cyclohexane in chair conformation:

as well as cyclohexane in boat conformation a boat paddle:

I think my Tour Eiffel mouse pad in the background is another win.

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T.J. said...

A boat paddle?