Thursday, March 19

shopping adventure

Once again, I've managed to exhaust myself shopping. I'm currently loving Marc Jacobs, particularly the Marc by Marc Jacobs specialty store on Fillmore. Their ever-friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and all-too-accommodating staff always has me going back for more. H has been wanting to visit the store for quite some time now, and I think her lust has rubbed off on me. Check it:

Above, Marc Jacobs Rat Tote, $28

Above, Marc Jacobs Monocle Necklace, $11

Once again, I find myself thankful to be in San Francisco, the greenest of cities. I've tried thrifting in LA, believe me, but nothing nothing really compares to thrifting in San Francisco. I like to say that you haven't really thrifted until you've gone thrifting in the Mission. Check it:

Above, one well-loved vintage Dooney & Bourke over-the-shoulder mini, thrifted at Clothes Contact for $12.

I then ventured downtown in search of lingerie because I realized last night that I've been neglecting that essential part of my wardrobe. I walked into the Aerie store at American Eagle and got suckered into applying for their a-list card. I then got suckered into buying lingerie at a special discount via the a-list card.

Above, the Emma bra, originally $42.50, purchased for $20. It comes with matching undies.

The following is a picture of the UCLA campus taken on my cellphone while I was walking to my last final. Seeing the warm and well-kept campus really lifts my spirits in a weird way.

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