Tuesday, March 10

Swift fever

1. Taylor:

This is "Fearless," by Taylor Swift. I didn't like the song at all when I first heard it, but it's grown on me - so much that I've had it on repeat in my head for the past two days. Maybe it'll grow on you, too. I've decided that I really like Taylor Swift's music, even though she [still] generally sings country music and [still] looks like a cat.

2. Guitar: I've been playing a lot of guitar lately - so much that the blisters on my left fingertips have hardened into calluses and have begun peeling. Gross, I know.

p.s. As I strolled back from campus to the dorms today, I walked behind a boy who had two keychains on his backpack - one, a miniature plastic model of the human skull and spine; the other, a plastic Winnie the Pooh in a rubber elephant suit. This is why I love UCLA.

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