Friday, March 13

math goddess

I woke up for Math, my only class today wondering what we could possibly be learning just three days before our final. Class this morning was dedicated to reviewing for the final. I remembered and understood all of the topics reviewed this morning, especially because Tamara used extremely simple equations to demonstrate each concept. What I have trouble with is applying the knowledge of these concepts on exams when I'm given difficult equations. It's not the concepts I have trouble with, it's working with difficult equations that refuse to produce understandable (anti)derivatives. That said, I could still be asleep right now.

Dear Tamara,

We all know you're a math goddess, but the rest of us are not. Most people can't visualize 3D shapes with a given equation and domain. Most people can't mentally do u-substitution or integration by parts. Most importantly, most people can't correctly guess the A, B, and C coefficients for partial fraction integrations. Please keep this in mind when writing our final? Kthanks.

Your disgruntled 9AM lecture

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